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If you are worried about achieving a Lean Six Sigma certification in Bethel, Connecticut, you must relax. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut are there to guide you and assist you throughout your journey.

Lean Six Sigma certification is based on the concept that the customer is king and the customer is the one who decides the value of the product. It simply means that when the processes are viewed or examined, they should be done from a customer’s viewpoint.

All these factors are not easily implemented and learned. You need the help of external trainers who can guide you through the process. This is where Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut come to help. This article will help you know more about the services provided.

LSS Connecticut - Bethel CT

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification by the International Association of the Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) is the gold standard for quality management employees. With the help of the course taught at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut, you will apply statistical and issue-resolving strategies for a better outcome of the project.

A great variety of professionals, including logistics, finance, engineering, and operations, can benefit from this course. 

The main benefits of attaining Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification involve:

  • Becoming a crucial part of the organization: The professionals having this certificate are considered indispensable because of their capability to reduce organizational risks, identify and eliminate errors. This will help you significantly scale your career.
  • A well-paid job: many surveys are carried out, which indicate that individuals with Lean Six Sigma certifications are paid immensely well. So, if you want better pay and reputation, go for Lean Six Sigma certification. 
  • Reach managerial positions: Because of risk assessment and good management skills, individuals certified with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification reach higher positions in a quick period.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

For a successful certification, the individual must be able to score a minimum of 70%. Individuals who wish to attain this certification are needed to undergo training through qualified professionals. If you aim to gain mastery of the skill set, you must pursue this certification. 

The benefits you attain from this certification include:

  • Increase your skillset and value
  • The responsibility increases along with your earnings
  • Your organization as a whole is positively and efficiently affected.

Why choose Lean Six Sigma of Connecticut for your certification process?

People of your area choose us because of our sincere efforts towards our students. You can expect us to provide you:

  • Project and Career Guidance: We conduct regular webinars. The expert moderated forum will provide you the necessary support for completing the initiatives taken and understanding the further steps for career progression.
  • Classroom learning with online support: We conduct a series of workshops that will surely benefit you. A blended model of education is used for the efficient use of resources. 

So, contact us immediately for more details!! We will serve you with the best deals we have to offer.

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