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If there are too many elements in your company that is not adding value to your company, you’ll definitely sustain losses in the long run. And without a sustainable mechanism, you won’t be able to rectify where the problem is. And this is where Lean Six Sigma comes in.

You should implement Lean Six Sigma in your company if you want to reduce waste and manage your business well. Lean Six Sigma can help your organization in a much better way than any other methodology or system. If you need deeper insights about the certification, read along.

LSS Connecticut - Hamden CT

What is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

You can think of Lean Six Sigma as a system of principles that can help you significantly improve your business or your individual career. It’s a combination of Lean and Six Sigma which collectively help in removing waste and reducing variations. Here’s what you can do with Lean Six Sigma in your company: –

  • Waste management
  • Time management
  • Circulation cycle management
  • Decreasing production time
  • Decreasing the errors and mistakes
  • Quality improvement

Also, this certification has different levels that you can attain. Some of them are listed below-,

  • LSS black belt– These are the superiors (less superior to master black belt holders) and have complete knowledge about these certifications, due to which they lead complete projects on their own. These are professionals working under only master black belt holders. Generally, they work as a leader of the project. However, this certification is the hardest to achieve. But if you hire our instructors or trainers, we can help you make everything sound easy. So, connect with us now!
  • LSS Green Belt- These professionals are less superior than the black belt holders. But they also have proper education about the lean Six Sigma standards and run projects. They generally work as a group leader but can not lead large teams or projects on their own. Most of the time, they are answerable to the black belts and help them manage the projects better. The exam for this belt is of intermediate difficulty. 
  • LSS Yellow Belt- The yellow belt holders usually have basic knowledge about the standards but do not lead any projects. They just conduct an investigation for the project to provide the companies an outline of the projects they have to lead. They always consult the green belt holders during any problem or any big decision or for any query. It’s the easiest belt t achieve but still requires professional training. You can achieve this belt within 2-7 days.

So, these were the levels that you can work for and achieve. But these are not easy to achieve. That is why you need Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut.

Why choose us?

Lean Six Sigma experts of Connecticut is a firm that helps you understand these certifications through proper training programs. We will help you quickly pass the examinations and be the best.  Our programs and services are effective and affordable. If you want to know more about our services, contact us now!

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