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Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut is a full-service Lean Six Sigma consulting and training company. Our professionals help both employees and companies in unleashing the potential of Lean Six Sigma methodology. If you need assistance in getting Lean Six Sigma certified or implementing the principles, contact us now!

You can refer below if you want to know what Lean Six Sigma services, we can help you with.

LSS Connecticut Services

Services we offer at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut.

If you want to bring in a huge change like implementing Lean six Sigma in your company, you'll need help from professionals. Its because Lean Six Sigma is a set of complex principles. And if it's not implemented in the right manner, you won't be able to achieve the purpose.

It's the reason a Lean Six Sigma consultant like us is necessary. Our consultants will ensure the best implementation and will help you reduce waste and defects from your company. This way, your company will be able to deliver better to your customers and achieve a hundred percent customer satisfaction rate.

Achieving Lean Six Sigma certification is beneficial for all those employees who want to boost their careers and want to help their companies grow. However, before you achieve the belts/certifications, you need to prepare for and write an exam. And if you pass this exam, only then can you get certified.

You should know that this exam requires some decent preparation as its tough and analyzes numerous aspects. But you need not worry as we'll help you prepare for the exam. We have trainers and expert instructors who follow a unique approach to ensure 100 percent knowledge transfer.

Here is the certification we can help you with:

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: It acts as the easiest way to enter the Lean Six Sigma industry. The yellow belt certified professionals have a basic understanding of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology. Their job is to help green and black belts achieve the goals better.

With this certification, you can become more professional and become an essential member of a team. However, a yellow belt cannot lead or manage the project independently.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: For all those who want intermediate statistical knowledge about the LSS methodology, this belt can help. A green belt certified professional can manage small projects independently and can act as a team leader. However, he works under the supervision of a black belt certified professional.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: Black belt certified professionals have the best knowledge about Lean Six Sigma. They deal with problems in a strategic manner and devise the best solutions. Also, they lead the entire project intendedly and guide the green and yellow belts.

Not only the companies and individuals, but Lean Six Sigma also helps the high school students. Students are the future of today's world. If they deal with everything professionally and well-planned, they won't encounter problems in the coming future.

With Lean Six Sigma, your high school students can learn how to make better decisions and deal with problems in a systematic manner. Also, LSS teaches how to solve the issues and helps find the root of the problem. And this is going to help your students develop self-confidence.

Common FAQs for a deeper understanding of Lean Six Sigma

Ques. Is it worth getting Lean Six Sigma certified?

Ans. Yes, it is. Lean Six Sigma principles can help you deal with all complexities professionally and strategically. It will not only benefit you but will help your company as well.

Ques. What is the Lean Six Sigma approach?

Ans. The Lean Six Sigma approach lays stress on removing waste & reducing variation. This approach helps companies maximize their profits by eliminating the processes that did not add any value.

Ques. How Six Sigma improves quality?

Ans. Lean Six Sigma helps in removing defects during the manufacturing process and also helps in reducing variations. It also ensures that processes are optimized in a way that there are always less than 3.5 defects per million. And this helps in maintaining the best possible quality.

Ques. Who Issues Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Ans. The Lean Six Sigma certification is offered by the International Association of Lean Six Sigma.

Ques. Is Six Sigma a quality management system?

Ans. Yes, LSS is a quality management methodology. It helps companies in improving the present set of processes by reducing and eliminating defects. It also helps in streamlining the processes to ensure that there’s no variance across the company.  

Ques. Can you go straight to Six Sigma Black Belt?

Ans. Yes, it’s possible. You can apply for Black Belt without applying for yellow or green belts. However, this will increase the entire process’s complexity as you won’t be aware of the basics.

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Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut are there to help you with all of the above-listed Lean Six Sigma Services. Our services are effective, affordable, and transparent. So, you can rely on us. Also, we have the best professionals who’ll assist you at every step.

So, for reliable Lean Six Sigma consulting or training, contact us now!

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