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Lean Six Sigma is a managerial concept that teaches Lean and Six Sigma principles. The root cause of the errors is identified, and solutions about them are given. But attaining Lean Six Sigma certification in Waterbury, Connecticut, is not an easy task. People have to invest a considerable amount of time and work hard to achieve it.

And this is why we’re are Lean here. We’re Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut. We’re a leading consulting and training organization. Companies here in the state of Connecticut. have trusted us for a long. And you can trust us too.

If you want to attain this certification, you must get it through a reliable and secure organization like ours. Read along to know more about the services provided by us.

LSS Connecticut - Waterbury-CT

LSS Green Belt Training

The achievement of obtaining Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is not less than getting a Gold Medal in Olympics. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt has to virtually cut into its processes to achieve breakthrough achievements.  

For attaining Green belt certification, and extensive training is needed. The individual can act as a leader for small projects and can be a worthy candidate as a team member for black belt projects. The implementation work can be quickly done by the individuals attaining this certification. 

After your training with Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut, the certificate holder will be able to understand:

  • The need and relevance of Lean Six Sigma in the organization will be made clear. The value of implementing Lean Six Sigma principles will be explained easily.
  • The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt holder will be well aware of his organization’s duties and responsibilities.
  • The amount of time to be invested in the project is also known.
  • The individual will be able to understand and apply the DMAIC method and technology within the organization’s processes.

LSS Yellow Belt Training

The LSS Yellow Belt training is an initial level of certification. The individual attaining this standard will have a basic knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma standard’s principles and procedures. The Yellow belt holder cannot manage the Lean Six Sigma projects on their own. 

However, they can assist the green belt and the black belt holders in their projects. A vivid experience of working with highly trained professionals will better your resume. You can contribute to your organization by identifying processes that will lead to improvement. 

How can Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut help you out?

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Connecticut, we believe in providing real-time experience and practical experience for the trainees. By implementing Lean Six Sigma principles, we will be able to make successful attempts in any program. 

Through proper guidance and expertise, you will be able to clear your exam easily, without training which is very hard to achieve. We do not issue the certifications. But we will make significant contributions to help you attain the desired certification. 

So do not worry and overthink, the right time is now! Contact us for the affordable services we have for you.

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